Quantum Healing And The Two-point Method

Amazingly simple techniques and high efficiency provide the quantum healing and the two-point method associated approaches of holistic healing. The quantum healing is used by doctors, health practitioners and therapists in addition to your treatment now. In quantum healing, it is assumed that there are higher energies, can a cure of mental and physical diseases or greatly alleviate. The effects excite even the doctors, naturopaths and therapist. The basic thesis is that not the therapist heals, but the self healing forces are mobilized by these techniques (2-point method).

Technical terms related to this topic are the quantum physics, the morphogenetic fields of Sheldrake, Chakra, parallel worlds, dimensions, energy fields of the aura and speaking with the universe. The two-point method is one of the techniques used in the quantum healing, called the two-point method. The method is already very old and was brought back by the primitive people in the Western world. The Two-point method is very simple, based on the polarization. A hand at a point and place the second hand on a perceived another point. Then the mind empty, and the connection is already established. Everything quite simply, if people are sensitive and can really turn off your thoughts.

There’s the problem of the Western world. The quantum healing CD that I offer has an awareness of the body feeling and energy as well as techniques to deal with the two-points method. This CD is in particular to the self application and to the learning of Quantenheilungs basic technique designed. Basically, this healing method in all areas can bring relief or cure. Precisely what many healers, doctors and therapists do already. For more information see: quantum healing with the matrix energy MB-training diploma in business administration Michael Bader