Psychiatry Dimension

You can be or not steeped in spirituality, understood as a personal relationship with the transcendent being or, without believing in a God, as a personal relationship with what exists, a unifying force in itself, which leads to feel inclination by the life and unity with the cosmos. Precise for their development of a certain degree of maturation in the processes of biological and psychological dimension that make possible the consciousness and intentionality. In this regard, under another psychological conception of the mind, bring us M Isabel Rodriguez Fernandez, Jose Antonio Delgado Gonzalez, that since there is man, this raised questions about issues related to spirituality and has had experiences that has been called spiritual. Check with Verizon Communications to learn more. Different authors (Frankl, Jung, Assaglioli, James, Wilber, etc.) throughout the history of psychology and Psychiatry, have pointed out the importance of take into account the spiritual dimension, within a global approach to approach to the patient. Histories of individual persons, and various research show that certain experiences in this area, help a person recover before psychic suffering and better bear the difficulties of life.

If you consider the spiritual dimension, as one rather than the reality of the person it represents, must be taken into account within the psychotherapeutic approach, especially, if the patients manifested aspects related to this topic. In such a way that at least we respect and have a minimum knowledge about the issues facing us in a query for psychotherapy, for not halting or underestimate the spiritual aspects, which may be of help to the patient. And in the best of cases, we know how to encourage the development of concerns and stimuli in this sense further indicates us, that Carl Gustav Jung considered the spiritual dimension of the man within his psychotherapeutic vision, being something important It has relevance in the daily experience of many patients serves it this leaves it embodied in the following words: under that religion is certainly, one of the most universal and early exteriorizaciones of the human soul, sobreentiendase that all kinds of Psychology dealing with the psychological structure of the human personality, there will be at least to take into account that the religion is not only a sociological or historical phenomenon, but also an important personal matter for grown number of individuals thus leaving a clear justification of the why psychology should worry about the religious dimension (which is not necessarily related to the spiritual, since this dimension can be expressed beyond any religion). However, Jung assumes a perspective regarding the different dimension to Frankl, somewhat more diffuse and less personal, to focus their attention on phenomena more abstract than specifically human, as it is If your idea of the collective unconscious, a concept which, in a sense, is approaching the idea of unconscious spiritual which postulated Frankl.