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With good intentions in the new year, now the new is year again a few days ago. How was that even with the good intentions on new years eve? Many wanted to done but also for the health, move more, stop smoking, eat healthier, and ever more conscious living. So slowly, the good intentions come under stress of everyday life. Keep them? Most can change her life certainly from the ground up. Small tools that make life maybe a bit healthier are however welcome. It can include well selected products with micro-nutrients.

Millions of Germans swallow every day various pills, vitamins, trace elements, antioxidants and other nutrients. It all connects the hope for a healthy, maybe even longer life. A few have doubt in my mind that that what brings. We ask experts, so the answer depends on which camp they belong. There are nutritionists and dietitians, one often hears the answer: No, useless pills. Only healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables is good for your health.” “You ask a doctor of specializing in orthomolecular medicine, the answer might sound like: pills with micro-nutrients useful selected be able to afford a large amount in the health care.” Who is right? As so often, the answer to this question is a research paper from the United States in this area. The researchers studied several hundred Americans, who either took micro-nutrients in the form of pills are, or who did not like.

The results were clear. The users of micro-nutrients in all investigated health-relevant parameters has emerged better than non-users. You had much better blood lipid and cholesterol levels, had a lower blood pressure, less to diabetes and had a much better supply status with micro-nutrients. According to these results, therefore, it makes sense to care with micro-nutrients. The question is However: How and what? It doesn’t certainly make sense to swallow everything across the product range or to put on any promise of miracle. Definitely, there is not the Omnipille”for and against everything. There are however, certain micro nutrient compositions that can be recommended for clearly-defined health goals. So it makes sense to preparations with evidence-based foundation for trust. They ensure that they are documented according to scientific criteria for a specific health goal. Navitum Pharma develops and sells only products that have been developed on the basis of current scientific studies for specific, clearly defined health goals. Composition and dosage of the products follow strict scientific criteria and correspond to the nutritional study in the respective field of application. This applies to joint discomfort ArtVitum OmVitum for the prevention of cardiovascular disease as well as for ProVitum to maintain prostate health and all other products, the company.