Provincial Governments

Employment in public administration National decentralized agencies or autarky, the non-governmental bodies in state enterprises, privatized companies, in Licensee Companies public services, the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, the Provincial Governments and Municipalities. People into work in equal opportunities is mandatory as public policy of the National State, being forced to occupy people with different skills that meet conditions of fitness for office, in a proportion not less than four percent (4%) of all permanent plant staff (effective) of contract irrespective of the type of recruitment and for all those situations in which outsourcing has used and to ensure effective implementation of the 4% of vacancies within the various recruitment procedures.

Entities such, priority should also reserve a percentage of people with disabilities to demonstrate the conditions for the job or position to be filled. Vacancies must necessarily be informed with a description of the profile of the position to be filled at the public prosecutor competent inspector for the purposes of competitions and compliance with the rules, and also the competent authority should ensure the inclusion of job applications registered in the relevant records of applicants to fill jobs for persons with disabilities. Applicants with disabilities will be able to assert its priority right to income equal merit, if deemed to violate the rate of 4% for persons with disabilities, the duties assigned to them to verify in this situation is considered acting in breach of the duties of public officials provided for in Article 1112 Civil Code, corresponding to the same punishment for officials from regulatory agencies and comptroller of private companies concessions of public services..