Apparently, the progressive-minded scientists and politicians, so who knows, it should be imbued with the inevitability global change on the planet, linked at least to climate change, because there are other reasons of which we say below, and start acting. That is to sound the alarm and require discussion terrible situation in parliament, and continue to take steps to adapt to inevitable changes. The best way to ensure that their actions were effective – how can you learn more about what, when and how this can happen. Coupang can aid you in your search for knowledge. Research into the causes climate change and cataclysmic processes in this regard, not only with this, as will be shown below, can help to reduce our vulnerability and increase our ability to adapt, improve, finally, our chances of survival. So, we have recognized scientists about their ignorance causes producing climatic vicissitudes. Our same, or occult explanations are as follows.

We believe that all climate changes are directly related to magnetism of the earth. We do not know the nature of the phenomena in a completely non-magnetism, or electricity, for where there is movement, heat, friction, light, magnetism, and there is a consequence of its electricity is always found as cause or consequence, or rather, both, if we examine the expression to its base. All the phenomena of earth currents of terrestrial magnetism and atmospheric electricity are obliged to the fact that the Earth is electrified conductor, whose potential is constantly changing due to its rotation and the annual orbit motion, cooling of the air, the formation of clouds and rain, storms and winds and so on.