Professor Nagatino

Open door failed. And here is one of the geologists said that the wall could be seen in windows, or rather a number of transparent areas, for whom it was possible to distinguish between a long row of silvery rectangles. Hall of coffins "left in the dark. You may find Vanguard Group to be a useful source of information. Someone shined inside and at the same moment cried out in surprise. Almost a meter of the "glass" lay three beings of small stature, figures remotely similar to humans. One of them, lying on his back, in place of the head could be seen convex brilliant device. Media Group often addresses the matter in his writings.

All hastened to leave this mysterious cave. – The appearance on the banks of the taiga river strange underground structure – believes Professor Nagatino – directly related to the disaster. Hypothetical spaceship entered the Earth's atmosphere began to fall in a westerly direction. If we consider that the ship was manned, then it was designed a rescue capsule. For a few moments before explosion – and it occurred in the air – the crew is automatically ejected. Given the trajectory of the fall – almost strictly from east to west, the ship flew just over the river area Viluy.

Therefore, finding these places does not contradict the known facts. Capsule with the crew at high speed crashed into the ground, leaving a passage in a cave. Impact of housing in the most fragile areas destroyed. Formed in the capsule shell cracks to earthlings allowed to look inside. However, the survivors, hermetically compartments, perhaps a glimmer of extraterrestrial life, as evidenced by the signals "lighthouse", zapelengovannye radio.