Professor Meinhard

Tchibo realized high-profile ideas community today is the Tchibo online shop in Germany at # 5 of the most visited eCommerce sites. Tchibo now launches his next promising online project:, an idea platform that is operated in a wide range of user-generated product innovation. The spot-media AG, Tchibo direct staffed for years, provided the technical concept for this, created the framework and took over the entire programming and implementation of the comprehensive platform. Tchibo ideas consumers describe everyday problems for which they wish to see a solution. Professional designers, design students or inventors submit their solutions. Reviews and comments of the participants get direct feedback and can check how their product designs and solutions arrive. Doing a task controller and three solutions will be awarded each month. Of the year winner for the solutions is awarded by a jury of experts: the British Graphic and product designer Sebastian Conran, the internationally renowned architect Professor Meinhard von Gerkan and editor-in-Chief BRIGITTE new media Brigitte Huber decide about the granting of a premium in the amount of 10,000. Even celebrities such as Manuel Andrack, Martin Schneider, and Jasmin Wagner have set tasks in the Forum.