Power Temperature

Dial Thermometer located on the upper face of the parting. In a series of Gorenje GBFU all management is to handle temperature control and located at the bottom of a plastic lid. The size of these three water heaters are approximately equal (diameter, mm x height, mm): Round Plus Termex 410 mm x 1045 mm, Real BH 390 / 100 x 390 mm 1155 mm, Gorenje GBFU 100 N 454 mm x 948 mm.V working Savings Electric water heaters are simple and reliable devices, which are the main elements of the inner tank and the so-called heater (heating element) and the thermostat. All water heaters can heat water up to 70-80 C, however, thermostats and comfort they have different regulation. In my water heater mechanical Real bimetallic thermostat with a low core temperature accuracy (t 5-6 C).

By the way, Real Madrid no handle temperature control, issued out. In a series of water heaters Termex Round Plus and Gorenje GBFU more accurate kappilyarny thermostat (t 1-2 C). At Scott Kahan you will find additional information. Temperature control handle them withdrawn outside. Control range at Real Madrid and Termex from 35 to 75 C, while Gorenje from 25 to 75 C. In addition, the water heater Gorenje is a frost protection function (icon "*" to control the temperature of the panel), which allows you to maintain the temperature in the tank about +10 C. This function is useful in the cold season in a long absence. Power consumption while the device is not high, but you must be sure that the power supply during your absence will not be shut down. Water heaters and Termex Gorenje keeps the temperature is several times more accurate than real. In real copper heating element installed capacity of 1.5 kW, Termex copper heating element with a separate power: 1.3 or 2.0 kW. Capacity in the storage Termex water heater is regulated by the control panel.