Poor Eating Habits

Poor eating habits can often bitter evil revenge there are many ways to increase the fertility of the man, one of them is the intake of arginine. It is an amino acid that is absorbed with the food. According to here, who has experience with these questions. But not enough arginine is sometimes fed to the organism, or it exists in favorite foods not in the required dimensions, such as in ready meals. Another reason for the lack of arginine can be but also that the bowel does not properly can metabolize the arginine from food. The lack of this important amino acid can cause erectile dysfunction in a man.

These complaints through a non-balanced or faulty nutrition can occur in older men. Warned for many products is frightening but also many young men suffer from this deficiency. Out of shame, they don’t go to the doctor, but order a medium whose Wirksamkeit is not always guaranteed on the Internet. There are many remedies that are supposedly highly effective and to be offered on the Internet at an unbeatable price. It is warned but also dangerous products from the Internet, which supposedly solve the problem, erectile dysfunction, in air. It is warned of massive health hazard, because some of the Customs seized and tested products contained unaudited derivatives that no one knows how they affect the human body.

Even heavy metals and arsenic were detected in some products. All the products were fakes and contained not the ingredients shown on the Internet or on the packaging. First go to the urologist health sake should access no man to such dangerous products, especially since they do not cure erectile dysfunction. Sometimes, a serious disease is behind this dysfunction, so that first it needs to be treated. It can also happen that too much stress causes erectile dysfunction. In any case, it is advisable that every man, no matter how young or old, looking to a urologist. The specialist has over the necessary experience and is also the appropriate drug prescribing. If the suspicion exists that the complaint is a side effect of another disorder, it is a transfer to a different specialist.