Policy Issues

It is worth mentioning that things are not as simple as they seem because policy issues are intertwined and also the loss of positions of English rule which backed the railway interests and the strength of the complex roadman automotive was supported by the growing U.S. power. Other responses were more sovereign countries that the volatile Argentina, and preserved what they could their trains and inland navigation. This was left to do. And some like the people above partisan Frondizi, wield it as an achievement. Today many elderly must repent of those commissions good neighbors who strongly demanded that paved this or that way without realizing that not only helped to kill the train and generate further environmental damage, it is well to remember that much of the drama of floods in the Pampas, comes from the ecological disaster caused by paved roads.

Even soon we will see a drama. In towns large part of the pivot activity today on automotive transportation. In one of many towns as the railroad stopped running and its branches were predatory raised by unscrupulous scrap dealers, there is a large group of families living freight of grain or cattle. What would happen to these concrete structures economic return if the railway? Well the damage is done, and the perpetrators have taken cheap, but the “ferrocidio” is the cause of these scenarios to those who try to climb from the imponderable power of dreams and quixotic.