Photo Designer

Training to the / r photo designer German POP digital photograph at the Academy to a little edit to many. Really good pictures but require lots of technical know-how. Whether advertising, fashion or products photo designer must master as the digital workflow of file formats to photo printing as the complete organization of a shooting. But access to academic design-FHs is just as limited as the number of apprenticeships with established photographers – not to mention the time. Adam Portnoy has much to offer in this field. The Academy of music and media “German POP” offers an alternative: your education to the / r, photo designer is aimed at people who want to educate themselves to the professional photo designer allow or expand your photo hobby. The training for professionals already is attractive because the classes mostly in the evenings are held and the timing can be relatively flexible.

The Academy, which now has locations in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich, their students in all areas of training is important To provide professional and up-to-date equipment. The students get to know therefore the most common camera, lighting systems and lenses, to be best prepared on the job entry. Be taught as well as topics such as image rights, customer psychology, advertising, or tips to the self-employed make. In addition to the German POP-diploma, students leave the Academy with a solution consisting of the photos in the course. The results of this work are a must for the self-presentation and significantly improve the chances on the open market. You make it easier but also the application for a deeper artistic academic studies.