Phenomenology is a philosophical research direction, founded by Edmund Husserl, which has given rise to a fruitful effect also on the philosophy, Edmund Husserl’s distinction to the psychology. Phenomenology is the name given by Edmund Husserl (1859-1939) has its own research direction, which became a general and influential cultural flow in the 20th century. Husserl used this term first 1901 logical investigations, and in contrast to the descriptive psychology, which at that time was considered the excellent method, go logical questions to the bottom. However, Husserl in the logical investigations impressively demonstrates that logical facts are essential and necessary not psychogische facts as reducible to. The key consequence of psychologism the relativity of logical laws is not tenable.

It is also apparently met, philosophy aimed at last foundations of have an experience science as the basis. The Program of phenomenology is the Philosohie a for to anchor as a strict science. In this sense, she completed what brought Descartes in the 17th century with its philosophy of consciousness on the way: the justification of all knowing refers necessary on the self-confidence of the ego cogito and his cogitationes. The central concept or the philosophically fertile basic motive, which is the phenomenological thinking in motion, is the intentionality and the correlative analysis type. The phenomenological reflection looks intentionally written the consciousness in all its attitude, consciousness is rooted in something, it is always consciousness of something in its essence. Accordingly, the phenomenological research emanates from the correlation of each cogito with his cogitatum that never is an initially isolated, single object, but is always perceived as a subject in his world. The world is for us at all do not otherwise present as in our mindful and our life world runs diverse representational files in them. I can, Husserl, says no other live in world into into experience, think in hineinwerten-and act not in me and myself has meaning and validity.