Password Manager

In this short article I want to talk about the importance for the Internet user tool, one way or another connected with the safety of the line. It is about remembering passwords. On a network, the user must in any case use passwords – to the mail server, to hosting, to an account in any service. It is certainly possible to use as your password, birth year and only work with one password. But it is very, very much recommended! Especially for manimeykera – that somehow works in online with the money. The geography of his 'parolevvedeny' extended several times – here it is desirable to have some reliable mailbox passwords to remember Webmoney-keeper, to the accounts in payment systems, eGold, Z-payment, RBK-money and their ilk. As an option – write down their passwords somewhere, including for example a text file. But this is not a fact that is convenient and safe.

What is the solution? Output in the use of specialized Software – 'password manager. " In this case, you will need to remember only one – the so-called 'master password' that gives you access to the program. has to say. And all the other passwords it stores in an encrypted form in their bowels, and she knows where and when their substitute. One such program – RoboForm: Password Manager and Web Form Filler. Use it myself for several years and are happy to tell about their experiences. There are two ways to use: Plain version to install on a PC, and the version that runs on your USB drive – a portable USB-drive: RoboForm2Go.