Renascer I am going, where not yet I know, but I wait to discover in one to close and to open of eyes. Nor I also know what it will be worse, if to release the pack or to go route to the stranger. He is that, it are good the company that I had to my redor, I say farewell myself without no moan in relation what the Owner of the life, in this interval made use, me. Here pra we, wait that the next phase is something without machuces nor desolating periods. What I fear is: so that side Mr.

of will pull me to the resurrection? I wait that in the hour of this wakening It is of good full mood and of favour. On the finished phase already, I say to them that I tried to live everything that the life did not allow me, but lived almost everything that did not want to live. With the ratios me never granted it would complete one all, for very small that was. To condense a wire of faith capable to mine stream and to air dense hopes, was what more I searched in conjunct and talks the two, in goes and the promise to investigate the heart, me did not seem fulfilled. I dreamed of horizontes colorings, but I received the paper of the restrained ones. I was born to live, without knowing, I received the rules from collecting itself e, almost dying, to be apprentice of the life. What it contents still me is another promise that one all says to be victorious that to perseverar until the end. Ahead of the instant without option, childbirth for the uncertain one with the certainty of that also I will not have choice right there, to only wait the pronunciation of the final said one.