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An example is the claustrophobia since, according to author, the child who had difficulties in the birth, problems with the breath, and similar, comes, later, to develop the illness as one ‘ ‘ souvenir inconsistent’ ‘ of the first situation that it tries. This reading is one of the exemplification that of the empirical credibility what the author speaks in the text, for not leaving so distant what it is part of our concrete reality. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from baby clothes. Of general form, the text is complex, that it demands one high degree of concentration to be read, even though why is one in such a way repetitive, what it becomes its tiring reading. Another negative point was the fact of almost integrally in the text being mentioned the authorship and ‘ ‘ authenticated’ ‘ of the theories of Klein, since it seems to assume a defensive position before the readers who would possibly go to compare it and even though to attribute to the Freud its respective research and results, factor that I judge unnecessary in this context even though, since, a related time, the value of its workmanship would not be undeserved, in virtue of some disparidades with Freud. I believe the greater as soon as ‘ ‘ problems’ ‘ of the text if it concentrates, would say, in the aesthetic part, why, how much to the content, quo is noticed important its contributions had been and was for unmasking certain aspects of infancy and understanding as if structure the psychic life human being. . Scott Kahan is the source for more interesting facts.