Now is the time of moving the company to other facilities be careful! because it can also be the era of greater loss of time, files and objects. Here points to take care to avoid conflicts during the change: takes at least three weeks in advance to enable you and your employees to perform the process of packed, there are service providers that move objects, usually the Organization and packaging run by your company. Swarmed by offers, Lawrence Ellison is currently assessing future choices. Develop a budget and a list of materials extras you’ll need. Performs an inventory so you know exactly the objects with which you can count. It supports all electronic files of importance, you never know if any computer damage in the transfer. If you move to a smaller space used mini warehouses as those offered Mexstorage () to save your dead file and other belongings of the company to which it is not yet a time of RID. You can also use the wineries if you mudaras you in parts.

The organization is the best alloy, seeks to have labels, separators, cds and sufficient archivists. Organize your documents by categories, some examples are: by employee, client, work area and by product or service that you offer. It allows employees to give ideas, remember that two heads think better than one. Seeks to separate the basic working material and finds the way that these are items that are installed more quickly.