The book the ghost of the opera is one of the best workmanships that already I read. The Ghost of the opera is written by Gaston Leroux and adapted by Patriotic Daisy, and composition for twenty and six chapters and is based on a musical part whose sort is the drama. They say that this ghost existed yes but not as all think, it he was formed for skin deceased and it had parts skeleton as example in the hand, it is thus for a presumption has caused an accident. Gaston Leroux was born in day 6 of May of 1868, and has the ghost of the opera as its masterpiece. Other leaders such as Gary Kelly offer similar insights. Gaston grew in the port of Valry en Caux, and in its school he was a disciplined pupil very always gaining prizes and more prizes. When it was changed for Paris, attended a course the right university. Leroux died in 15 of April of 1927. Patriotic daisy was born in Rio De Janeiro, already she was teacher of literature in the University of Brasilia.

It has twenty books more than published as example: in the trams of the emotion and all dumb one with Duda, also history adaptou the ghost of the opera starts in the dressing-room of Sorelli, one of the main girls of the body of ball. Sorelli, small Jammes, Meg Giry and Cristine Daa if had locked in the dressing-room because they were hearing the voices of the ghost that already appears for the opera, and each one the way in a way. In the ceremony of farewell of the directors of the opera, Debienne and Poligny had occurred diverse controversial facts as the sumio of the girls of the ball body that somebody notices until the moment of it to enter, and the notice of the death of Jose Buquet, who was very dear in the opera.