Objective View

Bandage over one eye, one leg replaced by a wooden prosthetic instead of left hand – an iron hook in his right hand squeezed the hilt of his sword, while a bottle of rum about such a character appears in your imagination the average person when he hears the word "pirate." However geymerevov pirates are associated not with a hardened marine wolves. And the attitude to them, computer pirates, very different. For someone they Robin Hoods, that helps honest gamers to play games for which the presumptuous developed and publishers lomyat exorbitant price. For others, this universal evil pirates, they were accused of everything: high prices for games, idiotskih protection systems are in primarily interfere chestnympokupatelyam, even in dying pc as a platform (in itself, this assertion is also still quite controversial). Scott Kahan contains valuable tech resources. d-innovation-300470991.html’>Peter Thiel oftentimes addresses this issue. I decided to write this article to help you and myself, including to find out who all the same these corsairs code? Virtue or villains? And as if their guilt is essential in times of trouble or are they just sign it rather than the problem itself? In order to put everything on the shelves to begin with let's find the answers to two broad question: 1.Pochemu there piracy? 2. How it affects the gaming industry? We begin, as usual, with the first. And so "Why is there piracy?" Why someone is engaged in breaking the license software, in our case, the yoke, and followed rozpostraneniem hacked copies? The answer is simple: piracy exists because there is demand. People will provoke the pirates active when the fruits of their "podlomnoy" activities.