Nutrient Agar

INTRODUCTION: The acid peractico is a esterilizante and disinfecting with wide specter of antimicrobiana activity and used fort in some industries including of food processing, drinks, doctor, druggist, textile, of pulp and paper. Had to its bactericidal, virucidas, fungicidal and esporicidas properties. Advantages of the acid peractico as esterilizante and disinfecting are: of implementation of treatment (without the necessity of raised investment) same specter of activity in the presence of heterogeneous organic substance toxic and/or residual mutagnicos by-product or, plaza, easiness absence, unnecessary discolouration, low dependence of pH and short time of contact. The action of the acid peractico occurs probably for disruption of linkings as sulfdricas and sulphuric in enzymes consequently important components of the membranes, microrganismos. It also can oxidate enzymes essences harming the ways vital biochemists, active transport through the membranes and the levels of soluto of the cells.

OBJECTIVE: To test the effectiveness of the sterilization for acid peractico 0.25%. METHODS AND RESULTS: it was collected samples of the odontolgicos instruments in three stages and per three weeks: before the clinical use, after the clinical use and after emerged in distilled water, alcohol 70%, acid peractico 0.25% and acid peractico 0.25% diluted 50% with distilled water. After that the samples had been sown half me of culture for 24 to 48h in temperature 37C for the reading of the results. After this process was observed if it had growth or not of microorganism. Results for did not have microorganism growth after the sterilization for the acid peractico 0.25% in the half Nutrient Agar. CONCLUSION: One concludes that the acid peractico is one excellent chemical esterilizante, because it in little time of exposition with instrument odontolgico it obtains to esterilizar its surfaces.