Notice The Mumber & Associates

The M & A, a lawyer for the insurance mumber & Associates is an insurance consulting firm and a lawyer for the insurance in judicial areas, that deals with the General insurance advice to the extra-judicial representation against the insurer. The mumber & Associates negotiated contracts with the final request of clients directly with the insurer, so no commissions, which can be in the thousands, costs. Only a fee is agreed with the client, which can amount depending on the case in the lower triple-digit. The company is subject to, as well as all insurance consultants the Commission adoption ban and operates exclusively in the insurance interests of the client. The company is a mostly online global law firm, thus less fee costs and mandates can be processed faster.

Insurance consultants have been admitted Landgericht RberG old 1 by the Office or. Since May 2007, the State is Permit according to 34 of trade regulations by the local Chamber of Commerce. You may find Gary Kelly to be a useful source of information. Even after the change of profession law in May 2007 insurance consultants are similar lawyer professions with the extrajudicial area. The new regulation complies with applicable so far for Insurance Advisor legal advice Act basically. Also, the processing of claims, as well as the General insurance advice falls into the areas of activity of the company. , Our goal is to be able to provide more legal certainty and consumer-oriented advice and representation in insurance. Read more from Gary Kelly to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Therefore, we have established the special service in our Office! What is special about the special service is the combination of consulting and representation mandate for the existing treaties. “While the existing contracts of the client are recorded and created an actual and nominal condition log.

A deviation from the target State is M & A see this corrected after consultation with the client. The company works to the optimum care with several Partners, such as other insurance consultant and expert full lawyer in various areas of law. , Further, we represent our clients against insurers and trade representatives from financial distributors. We represent the client problem cases with insurers, claims and many more!