New York

Not surprising when the largest energy consumer in the world. On the NYMEX in New York increased the price of the mineral variety “Light sweet crude” to 1.38 USD 78,05 USD. If you were as a trader of binary options, able to predict this price spike, it was almost sure that you end up until the end of the year “in the money”. We look at how you would proceed using binary options at the above price movement for oil. Binary options you choose just “call” If you think that the price will rise, or “put” it should fall. The price for the variety is on December 24 “Light sweet crude” for 76,67 USD. You have the feeling that at the end of the day, the price goes up. As a trader of binary options, you predict a price increase, because the day before, the price of oil already had increased 2.27 USD 76,67 USD per barrel, after a U.S.

Government report showed that the need is in a row twice already in the second week as analysts speculated. So login to your online account for option trading and buy a call option of 100.00 USD on the base rate with a duration up to the end of the day. The operator of your binary options platform offers you a profit of 70% if the option is “in the money” expires. So what does that mean exactly for the traders of binary options? At the end of the trading day of December 24, 2009, when the price of crude oil is over 76,67 USD, you have a profit of 70,00 USD plus your 100.00 USD you invested in binary options. If the crude oil price is less than 76,67 USD, you get 15.00 USD of your original investment back, and if the price remains the same the 100.00 USD returned back to you. We now know that price of oil was on the 24th of December at 78,05 USD – so that you would have ended in this example for trading binary options with a total of 170,00 euro. Trade binary options on oil can be very lucrative if you always up to date on trends in the industry informed and followed political events affecting the price fluctuations. We recommend therefore that you take on the daily messages to remain on the ball and binary options to buy as soon as they see an opportunity to profit from the price swings.