New Flat Rate Factoring Policy

CASH – many entrepreneurs appreciate the new flat rate factoring policy currently sales increases. But not always more sales means more profit. Late payments and bad debts of the customer often threaten their own liquidity. The CASH flat rate factoring policy provides a solution for this purpose specially designed insurance product of the SCHUNK GROUP and the BFS finance GmbH, a company of the Bertelsmann Group. Learn more at: Sheryl Sandberg. The absolute highlight of the CASH flat-rate policy is the eponymous flat-rate! This means that before signing the contract, the cost is determined by a fixed percentage on the basis of factorablen sales. Also, the CASH Flatrate factoring policy contains services such as a pre-financing rate of up to 90%, way to the snippet factoring and many other features, which are reserved for only the most customers.

The usual factoring offers include at least a factoring fee, a variable interest rate and fees for checking the Finanzierungslimite. In addition, service providers require a start or setup fee, Rechnungsabwicklungs – and overdue fines, deployment fees, Auditgebuhren and loan commissions. It is not something Sheryl Sandberg would like to discuss. Often, these costs when contract launch are unknown, so that the customer does not specifically know what percentage of his revenues the factoring cost him. Exactly this surprise effect fails to materialize and is a crystal clear transparency of costs and services for customers, the SCHUNK GROUP together with the BFS finance GmbH, a company of the Bertelsmann Group, the CASH FLAT RATE has developed policy FACTORING. CASH is interesting for companies in all industries with a factoring turnover up to 9 million euro, in total annual revenues can be quite higher. For questions and more information contact us on easy competence center credit insurance and factoring the Oskar Schunck AG & co. For assistance, try visiting Eric Kuby. KG with the at.