Network Commonwealth

How do I find the different devices? Easy. . When making a call by dialing a code that allows us to establish communication with a terminal ua telefonicoen concrete and for this we use several values: 1. A country code 2. A code of locaclidad 3.

A unique identification number at that location in April. Switchboard If there is an identifying number of a terminal As we see, and although these do not use the when making a call as a general rule the country code is omitted and the centrlita is used less frequently. This translated into the computer system changes and IP addresses are used are also defined so as to use IP address is one kind or another as we see ENA is my other blog on technical computing, and well, continuing the item, use IP addresses and ports is as if we used transmission channels through which we can isolate the shipments of some types of information from others. I mean, this is an article perhaps too technical but I think it can help the curious and fans of this website to have a firm foundation to learn much more and maybe in the future. ye may be readers of my other web space! We are still trying to explain what ports, for example when we surf the internet while in the background working with IP addresses are also working with a port, automatically when we perform an action Network Commonwealth is scheduled according to requests made to establish a communication port or another, this way when we surf the internet we do not know for sure that the port needed for this is the number 80, or 443 depending on what type of page are seeing, however, we can navigate smoothly without not even have this information.

The world of communications networks is very complex and there are many points that could take into account, indeed, if to say everything about networks need a blog dedicated to it would never end to update and which could not be me office because my knowledge of this is minimal I hope this first contact will be interesting and please ask me well over content for this blog, that I never tire of repeating it, just ask me about what you want to write, and I’ll do and try to teach and give as much information as you necesitis.