National Register

In the State Register shall not be entered about persons who because of their religious or other beliefs refuse to accept an identification number and formally notify the relevant authorities. What data is entered during the registration of the taxpayer? During the registration registration card of an individual, the payer of taxes and mandatory fee Jay entered the following information: surname, name and patronymic, date of birth, place of birth (country, region, district, town), place of residence; main place of work, types of paid taxes and other obligatory payments. Philip Vasan insists that this is the case. If the taxpayer’s circumstances have changed (name, place of living , etc.) where you can update your identification number? Changes and details on the data entered in the National Register during registration, state tax inspections are made at the place of residence of taxpayers and other mandatory payments, and for those who do not have permanent residence in Ukraine – the place of income or location of another object of taxation. That is, you can get a new certificate or a tax at the place residence (place of registration specified in the passport), or a tax on the location of the enterprise, where people work. You will be prompted to write a statement to standard forms of the sample (Form 5-DR) with a request to issuance of such duplicate.

Therefore, in our case, if a woman is registered in Kiev, to refuse to grant a renewed her inquiries were not allowed. How to recover lost (or damaged) a reference number? Should contact the regional office of the State Tax Administration of Ukraine for permanent residence and fill out the above form below. A duplicate certificate of identification numbers issued the day of treatment with the appropriate application and absolutely free. Penalties for the loss of an identification code is not provided. Having secured such a comprehensive information, Sasha the next day talking to unfriendly co-worker, the one that on the eve of the so-cleverly denied it, laid out the arguments and quickly, easily got the required help. Holiday family held great.