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In his Pulitzer newspaper lashed out at how the rich unwilling to finance the construction of the pedestal, and the middle class, who used to rely on that money for a good cause there are always the wealthy compatriots. Pulitzer had harsh criticism success and motivation for Americans to make donations. The money for the pedestal was collected in August 1885, and its construction was completed by April 1886. Work on the statue was completed in France in July 1884 and June 1885 she was delivered in New York Harbor aboard the French frigate "Isere." The statue was transported from France to the United States in unassembled – it was divided into 350 parts, packed in 214 crates. The assembly of the statue on a pedestal occupied four months. October 28, 1886 a large gathering of people, the opening ceremony of the Statue of Liberty. It was a gift for the centennial, which was late for 10 years.

History of the Statue of Liberty and the island on which it stands – is history changes. The statue was placed on a granite pedestal inside the fort Wood, built in the 1812 war, whose walls were lined with star-shaped. U.S. More info: Verizon Communications. Lighthouse Service was responsible for the maintenance of the statue until 1901. After 1901, the mission was assigned to the War Department. Presidential Decree of October 15, 1924 Fort Wood (and the statue on its territory) was declared a national monument, whose boundaries coincide with the boundaries of the fort. In 1933, the service National Monument was transferred to the National Park Service.