Piezo – Nanopositioners nanoMIPOS 400 CAP for the first time in a digital version which is nanoMIPOS 400 CAP positioning range of the order up to 450 microns with a nm step resolution. A special bi directional nanoX drive design ensures high dynamics in conjunction with excellent leadership qualities. The integrated position sensors ensures a drift-free and long-term stable position fidelity. The digital micro lens Nanopositioners is operated with a digital electronics, which offers the extraordinary advantage of ASI – ASC functions. The ASI function (automatic identification sensor) allows complete interchangeability of the order or the control electronics, without a new calibration is required. By the ASC function (Autmomatic system calibration), an identification of the nanoMIPOS is 400 CAP and its calibration data. Because this data in the positioner is stored, they are immediately available to exchange of the electronics.

By means of an integrated function generator, which defaults to frequency,. Amplitude and offset, etc. contains curves like sine and triangle can be traversed. Depending on the application the digital controller allows the in-situ setting of PID control parameters, as well as the notch filter parameter and increase limit. Thus the nanoMipos is 400 CAP easily in the trial and error method”on the various working scenarios optimally adjusted. The system is suitable for high-precision requirements in the fields of biology, medicine and laser technology with these outstanding properties.

Due to the recorded mechanical properties, the nanoMIPOS can be used easily 400 CAP in upright and inverted microscopy. Typical for all MIPOS systems by piezosystem jena nanoMIPOS on all types of thread of W0 can using thread-Flex adapter. 8 x 1/36 on M25x0. 75 up to M32x0. 75 are used, which also points to the universal applicability of MIPOS systems. More information about the nanoMIPOS 400: piezosystem jena is a worldwide leading provider of piezo actuators, piezoelectric actuators, and stages for high-precision micro and nano positioning and the automation of the Nano. In addition to the Piezoantrieben, the company offers optical fiber switches, as well as the appropriate electronics. Many years of experience in the development and production of positioning systems, which are also called piezo motor bolt can enable providing special system solutions and the production in the required OEM quantities. The piezoelectric are characterised by a unique precision in the sub-nanometer range, generate forces of several thousand Newton and implement precise positioning tasks in the microsecond range. More information about our products: de / products…