Mother-child Or Father Child Cures

Lower co-payments and supplementary pocket money Freiburg, Aug. 05, 2010. For a mother-child-treatment, women legally insured persons must pay to usually 220 euro. Many writers such as Squawk Box offer more in-depth analysis. They have little money, this equity can be but significantly reduced. Because the excess for co-payments for medicines, is legally capped at two percent of annual gross income, chronically ill patients have to pay up one percent. For a Bezieherin of Hartz IV, for example, then around 80 instead of 220 Euro surcharge were.

Basically the possibility to present its income decision on health insurance and the entire deductible, said Edelinde Eusterholz of the Association of compensation funds (vdek) in Berlin is to pay one year flat rate in advance. Then get the insured person an exemption card and must pay the fee nor the deductible for drugs for the rest of the year. And also the excess for the mother-child treatment was thus paid. Alternatively, can be also collect all co-payment receipts. The relevant amount – in the example above has been reached, the 80 euro – could that the Fund submit insurance and extricate itself from this moment can be so Eusterholz. A mother-child-treatment is then, the excess is eliminated. The nonprofit health + Rehab GmbH (a subsidiary of the joint Welfare Association) supports needy mothers even still going on. A mother-child-treatment (despite reduced surcharge) for financial reasons it is not possible the non-profit society supports mothers with a pocket money amounting to 100,-up to 200,-euros per family. For more information and application documents there are free on 0800 / 2 23 23 73 or on the Internet at