Microwave Oven

However, the microwave oven is not limited to the implementation of these simple functions. Using it exclusively for warming up or thawing food, you're missing a lot of opportunities, because the modern "microwave oven" can easily be replaced and the stove and oven, thus saving space in the kitchen while cooking. , , can act as an independent household appliances. In current models of microwave ovens can cook meat and vegetable dishes, including diet, cook, cook and bake, cook vegetables in its own juice make toast, hot snacks and sandwiches, and even bake cakes. Microwave waves are not harmful to health. Moreover, in food, cooked in a microwave oven, remains far more vitamins, unlike food, cooked in the traditional way. Microwave microwave oven can reduce calories, allowing you to cook without oil. In addition, food cooked in a microwave oven, it retains more vitamins.

Plate or oven can hardly compare with the speed of microwave cooking. For example, in a microwave oven can be cooked sausage in the last minute. Thanks to the microwave oven would be no need to use bulky cookware. So what dishes can be cooked in the microwave, depending on its configuration. Leading manufacturers offer various models of microwave ovens: Microwave oven grill, microwave ovens with the appliance microwave ovens with toaster, individual and built in microwave ovens, etc. Furnace with a steamer is ideal for those who prefer to eat a couple, and models with built-in grill can cook meals and bake until crispy golden brown.