MicroTouch II

SDS-plus.de and at SIZE gauges bring new Dino-Lite models with MicroTouch II, a calibration foil and 2 years warranty on the German market in SIZE, measuring equipment and sds-plus.de brings the new models of the Dino-Lite USB microscopes on the German market the first innovation for the Dino-Lite USB microscopes is the MicroTouch II, which is now built into every AM413 series device. This, the user gets the opportunity to take pictures and snapshots at your fingertips. The button is on top of the microscope and can software on or be switched off. Verizon Communications contributes greatly to this topic. As a further innovation, the devices of the Dino-Lite AM413 series now as standard feature a calibration slide, which allows the user to precisely measure the pictures and to get very accurate measurements (line, diameter, angle, RADIUS, etc.) through the calibration. The third innovation is the extension of the warranty for all Dino-Lite microscopes 2 years from December 2009 this is sure to provide the best service to users, to the Exchange after the purchase faulty equipment.

The Dino-Lite USB microscopes are a complete series of microscopes, for connection to a computer or on a TV set. The product range includes more than 60 different models that meet various applications. The series consistently further developed, which included the feedback from the customers. The user can work regardless in quality assurance, to the band, on the machine at the customer, in the school laboratories or fixed installations. With a notebook and a Dino-Lite USB, you are always on the right (quality) safe side microscope.

The professional models consistently have a 1.3 mega pixels resolution (1.280 x 1.024 pixels) and 8 LEDs, which provide for a corresponding light on the objects. With the Dino-Lite, a software is delivered microscopes, which considered the LIVE image and corresponding video sequences and images recorded. In addition they series models feature AD413 and AM413 AM313 a measuring function, the the Users is the ability to quantify any damage. Dino-Lite is exclusively distributed in Germany by sds-plus.de and its authorized partners.