On the basis of a superbly calibrated equipment and an ideal setting, with white background, entering the game was very simple. Everything works right from the start and not have to resort to heavy or strange configurations. Games that left test were the classics already seen in demonstrations of this technology. The first game that our colleagues at Kotaku tested was the cars, with a very fluid result. For might speed up the right foot was ahead and was delayed to curb. The control car was simulating carry a steering wheel in their hands.

Before the secrecy of can not see the console and some strange aspects, in Kotaku they bet that natal will be released along with a new console. The strategy would be very good even when this technology can be used for the current Xbox 360. First impressions with natal quit as a Wii without the remote control in your hand practically, with long way still to go but we have no doubt that they will do. My bet is they will get it, because I am convinced that natal is going much more beyond the game and consoles and Microsoft has no in mind nothing but insert it at home even to handle our personal computer within a few years.