Microsoft Lync

Microsoft Lync as a communication platform and competition advantage Microsoft Lync combines a variety of communication media as unified communications tool combines Microsoft Lync different methods of communication with each other. In a single user interface displays all Lync users, you can use any means of communication available within the company, to start a conversation. This can be a quick notification via instant messaging, the classic phone call or a video conference with several participants. Preferences for appropriate means of communication can be preset and change the presence status of enabled or disabled using are. Microsoft Lync creates optimum conditions for video conferences by Lync simple Instant Messaging can be expanded quickly conversations or audio conferencing if necessary to a video conference. Participants with one click can be added at any time.

When using appropriate devices can held video conferences in FullHD and Telepresence quality be. Also colleagues from other locations can be included in a video conference or other communication via Lync. The same applies user Lync, Lync app use on their mobile device. So it’s easy to communicate, with colleagues from anywhere with Microsoft Lync from the cloud which is especially important when the increased demands on the mobility of an employee in a modern work environment. Microsoft Lync offers extensive possibilities for collaboration all in the sense of unified communications is Lync closely interwoven with other Microsoft products such as Outlook. So both on the same contact database access, which leads to less administrative burden of data banks and a uniform information within an enterprise. Also documents from the cloud can, for example, in a video conference through a wide variety of software integration, be split and even jointly edited, so that the indirect communication with regard to the cooperation of several colleagues hardly a disadvantage compared to the direct communication offers.