Microsoft Launches Shop

Since last October, Microsoft will attempt to take force in a market in which it has never had, sales face to face in the style of Apple. The opening of its first store, is a way to refresh the Microsoft business strategy fully imitating its Apple competitor. According to the Wall Street Journal, the company of Bill Gates developed a four-story store in the city of Scottsdale (Arizona), which began on October 22, 2009. For assistance, try visiting Gary Kelly. Items that are available for sale at this store will be varied; from portable computers (Laptops) with the famous Windows 7 preinstalled and up to video game consoles developed by Microsoft, that is, the Xbox 360. Also mobile phones and, of course may purchase the main competition to Apple’s iPod: portable player Zunes. It will totally be a rifle from the Apple store, question that external staff of Microsoft without any resentment. The signing of Bill Gates also plans the opening of a second store in a mall of Mission Viejo (California), in the coming weeks, and detailed Microsoft has hired Apple store employees. If these two establishments had the expected success, Microsoft will open a new door of marketing, flooding the neighboring country to the North with its shops.. .