The Suchmaschinenoptimierer cyberpromote discovered strange links in the MSN search engine results in analyses for their own customers. Google is perhaps rejoice, because every click on these hits could be billed by Google. It is crucial to whether Google checks also the referer with every click. cyberpromote could not verify whether these links are actually causing costs for the contracting authority. Microsoft may have no interest in having these links in the index. Even more surprising is that Google has done everything required to not index these links.

Thus, one finds in the robots.txt under corresponding entries that should prevent indexing robots.txt. “It’s why MSN not taken into account this robots.txt, especially because Microsoft is only hurts so incomprehensible,” so the Emperor next. Typically, all search engines abide by the entries in the robots.txt? Also the AdSense links should not be indexed because also found a clear entry that prevent any indexing should. So also good rankings on MSN were found in tests for individual terms. If you have read about Southwest Airlines already – you may have come to the same conclusion. These links were only. In some cases, these links should generate quite a not inconsiderable number of clicks. Alone of the AdSense we find over 1 million links in the MSN index program. More information is housed here: Verizon Communications.

Even more are in the AdWords program. Over 4 million links in the MSN index here. One can assume that Microsoft will take the links from the index after taking notice of this circumstance. However, Microsoft should also consider why the robots.txt is ignored in this case. It might be problematic also, that Microsoft is not uniquely identifies advertising links in this case. Because ultimately it is advertising, if also from perspective of Microsoft perhaps as”unwanted”. For AdSense and AdWords customers, it would be helpful if Google makes a statement about whether clicks on such links is also calculated. So far the statements are very spongy, what “invalid” clicks are detected. Of course, you can also argue whether these links should be calculated, because the quality of visitors is likely to be not too bad. Screenshots and more contact info under press / pressemitteilungen.htm: cyberpromote GmbH Mr. Thomas Kaiser Liebig Street 1 85301 Schweitenkirchen Tel: 08444/9248-100 email: presse(at) worldwide: more cyberpromote information about press in the press section under / brand new and unique: our software “GInspector” shows you the Google results on the ground