Microchip Tuning Inserts

With the chip tuning box for the Q5 TDI – and TFSI models can Audi Audi drivers once again put a gang. More power in all situations is exuberant and carefree fun. More power for the Audi Q5 thanks to chip tuning: this is an increase that may seem unnecessary at first glance. Because factory petrol and diesel engines of the Audi Q5 impress with high engine performance and efficiency. But that the train for even more torque in the Q5 yet long not was left, realized the tuning pros by micro-chip tuning from Germany (www.micro-chiptuning.de).

With their chip tuning box for Audi Q5 elicit them the powerhouse is still even up to 75 additional Newton-meters or 36 more HP. According to owner Denis Jany, the Q5 launches now not quite fully. “Thanks to the significantly higher power reserves in the lower speed range and an optimised efficiency owner of Audi chip tuning can save fuel up to 15 per cent”, so Denis Jany. A desired side effect on the the developer of micro-chip tuning Germany consciously worked out. The turbo-diesel as well as the turbo-gasoline models of the Audi Q5 can the chip tuning box in a few simple steps are fitted.

The new ride begins after a few minutes thanks to foolproof installation. An extended warranty on engine, transmission and differential ensures confidence in the chip tuning box by micro-chip tuning from Germany. The Audi chip tuning is available for the Q5 models directly in the online shop of micro-chip tuning from Germany. Here, the manufacturer also informed all technical details and performance figures. chiptuning-audi q5 description of the company the company micro-chip tuning Germany deals since 1999 with the tuning of motor vehicles. The tuning specialist draws on many years of experience in the automotive tuning sector. At each performance, whatever the maximum engine life is included in the development. The elaborately-powered development work will result in all areas in significant performance gains, without losing comfort.