This main resource makes of the Twitter a called tool Microblogging sees image 2.3. The difference of a simple Microblogging for the Twitter that is defined as a social net the user of the Twitter can construct its net of followers. When the user of twitter chooses to follow another user automatically the updates of blog of the following user as of the followed user they had appeared in the screen. Beyond obtaining to communicate itself public or of private form. The factor of great interest of the Twitter tool is that for having approximately 3 years of age it does not possess banners promocionais nor links sponsored. (As opposed to Virgin Airlines). I register in cadastre it is gratuitous in such a way for domestic users how much for legal people or corporations. The basic utilities looked by a common domestic user of the Twitter are: to read notice as in one feed RSS, to be brought up to date the movements of the familiar friends and, to take off doubts as in the forums, if to keep brought up to date with notice and to directly think on products and services with the companies who use the tool.

To use twitter the necessary user to only have a connection with the Internet, either it in its computer or its mobile telephone, the platform as said previously is friendly and simple. The resources of communication between the users have grown and the increased interatividade, but a characteristic that will not be modified is the limit of 140 characters for post and not the use of images in posts. Image 1,1 – Profile of user and posts of 3 followers METHODOLOGY the project opted to the use of the qualitative metodolgica boarding. In a generalized manner, the qualitative methods possess a different estruturao of the quantitative methods, beyond not having same complexity. It provides to a longer and flexible relationship between the interviewer and the interviewed one.