Merida Venezuela

Tourism is considered within the HOMONATROPIA, AS economic activity “MICA TO BE ABLE TO LINK BETWEEN HUMAN AND THIS IS WITH NATURE seek protection for BOTH AND GIVE THE BEST TIME TO FREE PROFITABLE Another basis is the Homonatropia tourism or leisure, this would allow us not only special reunion with nature, also requires a radical change in our habits as in the case of the misnamed basuraa a or waste, waste; homonatropicamente talking these terms become REMEDY ARTIFICIAL ena recover, from recycling, recycling becomes a special cleaning and hygiene in vital functions similar to those of the peasant, because this action must be collected, selected, classified and processed according industrial principles in reverse order to that set, in order to get back to nature by reducing exploitation and allowing the insertion of a large number of persons on both industrial and cultural activities and social. ECOBAREMO that legislation is raised by the HOMONATROPIA, TO DETERMINE THE FORM OF THE INTERACTION BETWEEN RESIZE HUMANS AND THE BACK TO NATURE NATURALEZAY. Many writers such as Carissa Barry offer more in-depth analysis.

We live in a city whose a murallasa keep us apart from nature or the store, our routine is focused on achieving greater and better vehicular traffic in cities of greater population density in addition to making a food market set to supply the population, these by highlighting two of the causes of common social diseases in actualidad.a The Homonatropia aims to establish a scale for which the rules and procedures allow us to get back to nature to expand our boundaries and achieve a fair balance between humans and nature. ECOERGONOMa IS A PART OF THE HOMONATROPIA CHARGE TO RECOGNIZE AND REORDER THE SCIENCE AND ART, SO FAR CREATED BY THE HUMAN BEING ADDRESSED TO ITS PRINCIPLES AND LEGAL PROTECTION OF YOUR INTEGRITY AND DIGNITY thing known as the sciences, particularly a health, have been kidnapped by business groups who maintain a market subject to conditions to which only a few people have access, the aim is to redefine and reorder the criteria that underpin this market and allow the benefits of both mass as Remember Born in Merida Venezuela a 49 ADMINISTRATION tsu in Human Resources. HOMONATROPIA creator, which I have called the science of the future.