Medienhaus BBC Licensed Greentubes

With the high-quality, offered for free download game C-BBC joins the Green tube media partner network. “Vienna, October 21, 2008 – Greentube AG, the Austrian specialist for the development and marketing of high-quality, spectacular 3D-Gratisspielen financed by in-game advertising is with products such as ski challenge” now successfully worldwide. A total of about 15 million players in Europe and the United States today already use the Green tube-games, which are available from well-known gaming Web sites or the major TV stations to download online portals. More than 30 B2B customers could inspire the company for its attention-grabbing solutions so far and served with the mountainbike challenge 08 “now also in the UK market. BBC, one of the world’s leading TV stations, which industry has made itself a name with its expertise in the interactive sector, signed a license agreement with the Wiener Greentube AG to the mountainbike challenge 08 “.” The game went to the C-BBC site in the newly developed Sports village “section at the start.

The latter was set up, parallel to the Olympic Games in Beijing, China, to promote games. Greentubes mountain bike challenge 08 “is the flagship of the sports village” section and has attracted many visitors to the C-BBC site since its launch in early August 2008. The game season lasts until the end of October 2008. Eberhard Durrschmid, CEO of green tube: We are very proud that the BBC has joined the global network of partners to our high-quality games. This is a further confirmation of our approach and shows the acceptance that our work and the improvement of concepts and games on the market is taken.

Although we are still a relatively small Austrian companies, we have become global player in the casual online games and the downloadable multiplayer games in the last five years one.” Alone with his series of sports games for free download, green tube reached more than seven million players and continues to expand. In the course of the next twelve months, more new titles are added to the existing portfolio. License also wants a number of new media partner the onset in December 2008 next season of ski challenge”. About Greentube AG: Greentube AG, headquartered in Vienna, Austria, is one of the leading developers and providers of games of skill for Internet, mobile and iTV. In addition the company with its cross-media formats ensures PC and TV international furore. founded in 1997, since 2000 company and majority owned by the founder, the company many well-known portals and games websites with skill-gaming technology supplies. Greentube is expanding worldwide. Focuses on the development of individual game portals in the look & feel”of customers.