Mediation Of Sales And Sales Personnel Throughout Germany

“They sell no products but solutions and benefits Neustadt/Wied: customers need a drill, but a hole”, most of the sellers know this sentence. Translated, it means: customers buy ultimately always the benefit, which offers you a product. Unfortunately much seller does not bear in mind this in your daily sales talks. Still the characteristics of the products are explained in sales talks primarily long winded, to lead the benefits in mind instead of the customer. Very often, the customer then stopped talking, I’m with you”, and the seller wonders. The seller so what should do if he wants to achieve a degree? He should first listen to and determine what is really important to the customer, and this then running the solution offered by him to meets its requirements. The first step is always to explore what the customer needs the product at all in question, or for what problem he’s looking for a solution. (Not to be confused with Roland Berger!).

But be careful! Do not enter with satisfied rash responses. Ask again and again and also determine what is your customer for a type to find out what could be more important to him. Of course, they should not forget the price. He undoubtedly plays an important role in their purchasing decisions. But also with caution! Its importance is in the B-to-B- and technical sales is often overestimated. Quickly, sellers are often willing to discounts, so a waiver of profit. But not only this.

They reduce the fixation on the price sometimes your final chance. They come namely in a certain phase of the conversation suddenly with a low-priced special – or fair offer”they seem intent suddenly implausible and not on solving the customer problem, but only on job completion. Consult with your experience, competence and empathy, they attract their customers and get a recommendation may still. These emotional things should be more and more taken into account also in sales training be, and the customer should partner be perceived as, just so we win a customer in the long term”, Friedel says sales and consulting in Neustadt/Wied Mies from the company. The company has nationwide specializes in providing professional sales and sales staff. Please for all contacts and inquiries: sales and consulting Friedel Mies Wiedblick 14B 53577 Neustadt / Wied Tel. 02683 945910 fax. 02683 945911