Masters Of The Infinite

The last new year’s was fortunate to travel to Santa Marta (Colombia) and in the company of about 35 people to attend an immersion at infinity, which is quite different to what is traditionally done in that beloved place and consists of eating an aphrodisiacal cocktail of shrimp for, then get into a swimsuitputting oil all over the body to cook some fun in the Sun and when already to point – like Crappie grilled is respected – immerse yourself for a few minutes in that immense and deep blue sea. The dip in the infinity was carried out in a place very close to Minca, a small town nestled at the foot of the majestic Sierra Nevada and where you arrive after climbing for several minutes by a narrow but adorned with an unbeatable landscape road. There, amid a forest of ancient trees and on land fertilized by a river of crystal waters, we gather to learn and enjoy with the dive, while Crotatas ran and played with the squirrels, the Gnomes, the silfos, salamanders and the ondinas. They were about three days spent in La Casona and the first ray of light for the 2006 surprised us recreating a new consciousness of the infinite, that everything is possible already, here and now. By the same author: clayton english. Behind, with the year that went, were old beliefs, negative decrees, the paradigm of the suffering as an essential condition to achieve eternal life; buried forever they were the use of the word No, which was replaced by Si, use tomorrow and then that became already and the uncertainty of the command, of direction, of responsibility, that many times we try avoid with words as one, we, the Board, the Council, became security and decision to replace them with I.

Many more things go on a dive and are of such scope that who comes out there makes it with the certainty that change is possible already, both personally as in the whole universe because it is a message of clarity infinite, infinite simplicity and infinite range that opens doors wide to dream, to create, to experiment, to re-create my life and live it exactly as you want, now, here and now. A dip is also a gigantic step towards freedom, that is why we see that the masters of the infinite, wherever they are, think, create and make everything easily. They are people who understand, as Pedro Pablo Gaviota told his students that a Seagull is an unlimited idea of freedom, an image of the great gull and all over your body, from end to end of the wing, is nothing more than your own thinking. Everything is infinitely possible and the ways to achieve this are also infinite. The message has always been present: ask and it will be given, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened; because who asks receives, who seeks finds, and opens to the caller. These teachers ask and already receive, seek and are already, call and opens them already. You, dear reader, what image of the father does? It is infinite love?