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Storage-software specialist Open-E introduces hardware-testing in existing certification program and confirms compatibility partner hardware with open-E DSS V6. Munich, June 20, 2012: when purchasing new hardware you can never be sure 100%, whether it is compatible with the software that you want to use it. For this reason, the Open-E, a leading software developer, their own hardware certification program has introduced. It offers the possibility to have Software V6 (DSS V6) confirmed the compatibility of their systems with the Open-E data storage partners. Open-E certified hardware is suitable for a wide variety of storage applications. As the systems consist of different components and configurations, they show even better performance in specific environments. To best support end users in their decision, even to the systems recommendations.

Open-E tested hardware is a new quality label for the company. These systems have gone through a complete test process in the lab open-e. Usually, they are recommended at a lower price and only for special areas of application. “The benefits are obvious: all systems have been fully tested by our experienced technicians”, said Krzysztof Franek, CEO and President of open-E. “With certified or tested hardware partners can increase your sales potential and are perceived more strongly in the channel. End customers Additionally a simple and safe way to find the best solution for your storage needs.” The process is simple: the hardware systems must meet the minimum requirements and have installed the latest version of open-E DSS V6.

Partners can select whether want to let lab perform all tests in the Open-E or perform yourself. It involves the detection of hardware components through the software or the correct functioning administration and network solutions. The results of performance and stability must also have a certification a high reach levels usually a complete certification or a test by the technical specialists will take no longer than 16.5 working days. Upon successful completion, partners will receive a full report containing the results and all information about the hardware. Open-E has been certified 15 systems since the second half of 2011. The certifications are under partners/certified system / to find and include the currently tested hardware of the Japanese partner NewTech. About open-E, the Open-E GmbH is a leading developer of IP-based storage management software. The products of open-E DSS V6 and open-E DSS V6 Lite is focused on the SMB and SME market. Open-E DSS V6 is a robust, award-winning enterprise storage application, which is characterized by excellent compatibility with industry standards (wide range of supported hardware) as well as easy use and management. It is also one of the most robust solutions on the market, and that to an optimal Price-performance ratio. Open-E has reached within a decade over 25.