Marco Prummer

Are the drug at all need some kind of stimulus package”? Dr. med. Marco Prummer: You need to ask the pharmaceutical industry. To the flu medicine Tamiflu”I read, that this medication in case of its ingestion not without side effects. Their repeatedly recommended preventive Wunderwaffe”COLOSTRUM has side effects yet, or? Dr. med. Marco Prummer: Colostrum has no side effects, except maybe total even better feel.

Colostrum also helps with various control loop errors of the organism. Diabetics and Hypertensives should regularly check their blood pressure and sugar levels, because you will improve. Thus the allopathic medicines must be set may then with the attending physician. “They can but does not deny that one slight swine flu not to in the face of numerous encountered flu cases in Germany shoulder” should take and yet not all is just fear-mongering. How to behave You as a doctor, yes every day more coming with sick people, as any other citizen. Have you increases it your daily colostrum-? Dr. med.

Marco Prummer: No, I take daily 1200 mg in capsule form. But all the people who so far have done little for their health, I advise to take 1600 mg daily. I have extremely rare infections since 1995, and this also applies to my patients who regularly take colostrum. What the advise you chronic patients, such as diabetics, should strengthen their colostrum taking just these in the somewhat critical situation? Dr. med. Marco Prummer: Yes, as I said here a dose ranging from 1600 mg daily, over 400 mg day, morning and noon 2 capsules. If a flu symptoms this patient on liquid colostrum can be converted. In the case I suggest extract liquid colostrum of the daily intake of 40 ml. And if you suddenly uncomfortable and felt flu symptoms, what should you do then? Excluding Tamiflu”or Relenza” will not go so then also, the doctor should prescribe it… Should you eat even colostrum then in addition to the vaccination or the mentioned drugs increasingly and would get along with the other flu drugs easily that? Dr. med. Marco Prummer: A report published in January 2006 in the Lancet by T. Jefferson confirmed that neuraminidase inhibitors, which also Tamiflu or Relenza, does not prevent infection with influenza, however relieve the history can. The drug oseltamivir for example also reduces the likelihood of a further spread of influenza in the domestic environment. This is explained by a reduction of virus excretion via the nose, which is responsible particularly for the propagation of the infection. However it will not be a complete elimination of the virus population in the nose. The authors go therefore assumes that the sole use of NAIS is not sufficient, to spread check the. Rather, an over-optimistic assessment of the efficacy of NAIS could lead to increased risk behavior and even to promote the spread of the virus. The use of NAIS during an influenza epidemic is only with additional protective measures such as insulation or protective clothing, promising. The routine use of NAIS in usual flu waves”is not recommended due to the missing with the flu-like disease. I advise also of the flu vaccine, because I can not calculate the side effects. Colostrum is compatible with all allopathic medications. Overt disease is to extract to the liquid and daily occupies 40 ml of colostrum. German society of colostrum