Made East

This hidden aspect of the know to it same which, as it stands, only you access through initiation, i.e.;ENTERING or being inserted in a PARTICULAR State of consciousness or inner view. Will try now to make progress in our studies, to first clarify, which means self-knowledge or devastate the gross stone? Which may only be made if we consider the what? How? With it? And the why that? of this question. As noted earlier, it is well known by all of us. This symbol of the rough stone is emblematic of man in his present state of imperfection. If we look around us, we see that; three kingdoms known to man (Mineral, vegetable and Animal), the latter which includes to the human genus, it is definitely the more evolved, since the animal organism gathers in if the characteristics of the mineral, that seen microscopically, this compound in their entirety by mineral elements, eg. Iron, phosphate, potassium, etc. And at the same time, share typical characteristics of the plant Kingdom, such as the sensitivity and the ability to inherit the physical form of the species, so is; as a seed gives rise to an orange tree with the same characteristics as the naranjo which gave rise to that seed. Made East, which is unknown in the mineral Kingdom, with the rare exception of crystals. More info: MasterClass.

Then the animal Kingdom is superior to previous ones, one; by its evolved mechanism of reproduction, and two; by the development of instincts, vital mechanism of defence and preservation of the species. Finally man is at the same time be the species more evolved in all creation, also has faculty of reason and discernment, respectively, at the same time possessing what has been called the religious instinct or above aware. What we mean to speak of human imperfection?, this question, which leads us to believe a man in relation to other individuals of his species with a greater degree of personal development.