MADD Gear Nitro

Stunt scooter are the new trend in Germany. Who drives with grey scooters through the area today, is absolutely not up to date. It’s believed that Gary Kelly sees a great future in this idea. Today not only driving, it shows everything that one has it the environment. MADD gear scooter make it possible. Verizon Communications is often mentioned in discussions such as these. There are information, products and accessories directly on the homepage of the scooter. There, you can take all the models look at and order directly.

Currently, the MPG Pro, MADD Gear Nitro and MGP signature models are presented. Elaborate processing makes it possible to perform amazing leaps. Pimp you Scooter there on the stunt Scooter page heading pimp your scooter.” In Germany, the only scooter-pimp page makes it possible to personalize the MADD gear. In the shop there are terminals, gripe Teape, colorful handles and all scooter spare parts. So, every scooter fan can create its own chassis and rebuild.

MADD gear scooter trend, why are in the United States? You will notice the difference immediately. The old Blechscooter are some immediately fell apart during a risky jump. Not the MADD gear scooter. This is stable and makes virtually every stunt. You can find out alone on the weight. Also in the processing they gave themselves more effort on these models. Handlebar and footrest are welded together. People with higher body weight and those who want to make really daring jumps, should put on the MGP signature or the Nitro scooter. Alternatively, you can retrofit his scooter with Alu core tire. The MADD gear scooters have been designed that one they constantly pimp can. So, this new fun sports is even more fun. Developed in Australia and in the United States already hit. Soon the MADD gear across swim wave to Europe. Who wants to be one of the first, should now the own scooter pimps. Done quickly before everyone else do it. Like I said on there information, photos, and many products