Learn Spanish Language

This morning, let's say that out of curiosity, I put the words in the title: "Learn Spanish" in several search engines and the results are, at best, illuminating, we will stay with the results of Google, since the end of the day are my hosts: if you put these words in your search engine search results show a whopping almost 81 million pages, most of them offering courses, tutorials, tips and tricks to learn to speak Spanish, whether online or not, well is free or not, most of them in English … "A story about what is this? … This is the story: Everything I write on my blog also published a few sites to publish articles for free distribution online, as they are posted here … in Spanish. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as visit website by clicking through. A total of about 10 sites and all of them there are two on which I want to leave a comment here, of course, remember that you say the sin but not the sinner, at least for now … In nearly all public places where the predominant language is English but any other language is welcome but two of them one I'm not sure yet but the other definitely yes. In which I can not even entirely sure because it does not have contacted me I have "assumptions" about 7 articles, 6 of which is still "waiting for review", these six items on hold are items that I posted here and which if it was issued was essentially a list of English words … .