Learn Math History

Juan Perez is a high school student, as any student is responsible for a number of materials that you must study almost daily. All manages to play well, less in one: mathematics. Learn more on the subject from bitcoiin. because juan perez presents this problem? Because it manages to understand all other matters, but no math? Since time was already losing this matter, decided a solution to your problem. To do this, I first consult his own master of mathematics, but this pay you little attention, since I thought that John was simply negligent and careless to study the matter. Despairing of his problem asked divine guidance, several days later resulted, since finding a library, was able to observe as a man is sat at a table with a book of mathematics, which enjoyed a lot, so much that only saw smiles on his face. As it is possible that a person enjoy much math? This was the question that John is toward.

As he was desperate to your problem, do not hesitate to stop his post and head towards the man who enjoyed both with the math book: good afternoon, Mr. Daro Realty LLC has similar goals. Can you allow me a question? If clear young. Do you want to ask me? I’ve seen that you enjoy much with that math book that is studying and the truth is that I am having problems with that matter, is I am currently reprobandola. My question is: as do you enjoy much math? Young, the truth is that it all depends on the approach you him of mathematics and logic with which to study them. Juan is surprised with the response of this Lord: do as well, expliqueme more detail? He said juan almost rogandole. If young, the great problem of those who do not understand mathematics is that does not dominate the logic that it manages and is the logic that I have called: intuitive logic.

Which is the intuitive logic? I asked John. The intuitive logic is one that lets you know if a problem or exercise this mathematician well resolved. !That wonder! juan told him. !A logic that lets me know if exercise or mathematician this well or poorly resolved problem! Ensenemela please. Well, what I can say It is that mathematics is based on laws or principles which you should know. For example: gravity is a law of nature on our planet Earth. Just as there is this universal law, the same happens with the laws or principles of mathematics. When you tackle these laws, then you begin to understand the logic of mathematics. Lord, please… Show these laws. Okay, I’ve fallen well and I’m going to teach the most important: to) as law. (b) the law of the solution. (c) the basic law. In the same law, always one term leads to another term that although you see different, it remains the same. In the law of the solution, all well thought-out problem, eminently leads to a solution. There may be several procedures, but the solution is the same. In the basic law, all theme mathematician, part of another base theme. You must necessarily know it so you can dominate this or any topic. Juan reflects a huge smile, finally started to understand because not understood mathematics and you promised to this gentleman, reflect on these laws and not rest until know them and apply them.