Latin America

They want you to use PAYPAL. Ron O’Hanley may not feel the same. They want that you a unknown, OK, so, charge for ud, pay for ud, making use of your account, your VISA card, MASTERCARD, DINERS. Apparently, companies based in Europe, try hereby, NING, making him fall to ud, into a trap, which consists of the following: 1.-create your social network free, sell your services in a professional manner, upload your videos, photos, usa sales letters, comunicate in seconds with thousands of people, win acceptance from the public free. 2. Once created social network, NING, studied very well, carefully you offer, which is your activity, your service, your product, makes an estimate of what you should be gaining and passing to the next phase of the strategy, that is, put an end to the service free of charge. 3.

The next step is to get your number of credit card, VISA, MASTERCARD, Diners. They never said to ud, that 12 months after you sell the service, and that the only way to go with them, would be paying with VISA card, MASTERCARD. My Council to all users and SMEs in PERU, is as follows: 1.-not buy LOS services of NING 2.-do not USE never your VISA card, MASTERCARD to pay absolutely nothing on the internet, because once they have your number and authorization, not only forced him to pay for additional services, that ud ever by himself, but his enemies may request the seizure of his account, from any country, with the judge’s order a Spanish, Argentine, Mexican, which addresses diligently learn about complaints against ud.falsas or true. We started in 1989, our activities in 1992 because we had enjoyed business success, not the internet existed, already sold in Argentina, Ecuador, Chile, etc. Thousands of businesses in Latin America were superexitosas without the Internet, because there are media more efficient and you have a team of a hundred experienced sellers, traveling throughout Peru. UD pays commissions only, WINS that sells. This sales strategy gave results millionaires, there are COCA COLA, PEPSI, FORD, INCA KOLA, PILSEN, Crystal, companies that are on the market and before the emergence of the internet and the thousands of deceitful platforms, there are millions there are. Sonria, is not stupid and is very happy.