Korpus Count

Graf extends its range of hand-crafted wood carvings Wurzburg shipping 09.09.2013 – the count has included in its range more wood carving figurines from Val Gardena shipping and expanded its range of high-quality products. To the Saints, the online shop offers a wide range of secular figures, Angels and cherubs. Woodcarvings from Val Gardena are handmade works of art produced by professional wood-carvers. The figure itself is a model created according to the intention of the artist to reason. Larger figures, a preliminary draft is carved according to this model using a pantograph, then finely carved by the artist.

The painting and gilding is done by hand. So, similar figures, representing a handmade but each of which caused each other. Baby clothes can provide more clarity in the matter. You can see particularly well exercised the woodcarving art when viewed in detail (to do this, the site of count shipping gives a very good magnification function, with the increases can be viewed the article). Be it the folds of the Robe, the hand-crafted details such as primer, which includes the robe of Saint Isidore or a wonderful balance between individuality and religious type keep the features themselves. Sure, Saints represent the most important motive for the woodcarvings from Val Gardena. Graf offers shipping but also secular figures, just as artfully produced, such as a young boy who plays accordion or a lady who carries a bouquet of roses. Not enough, on sale including a classic crossroads, also a wayside shrine is called, as it encounters the wanderer in the Dolomites in the wild. Modern acts, however, the crucifix, which is also woodcarved Korpus.

Woodcarvings from Val Gardena are valuable art objects. Who ordered such a figure, must use absolute trust in the mailers. That we place the highest value; We have allow us successfully inspected by trusted shops enjoys the buyer in any case buyer protection. The positive reviews, the we “have received, speak also for us” as Gerold Jager from motivationsgeschenke.de company presentation count motivation gifts Motivationsgeschenke.de by count shipping was founded in 2006 and headquartered in Wurzburg. The company trades with rosaries, motivation and Christian art on its Web site. Managing Director of the company is Renate Graf.