Komatsu Wheel Loader With New Features

Bucket fill can be pre programmed Grasbrunn – Manfred Fackler, Managing Director of the company Fadel gravel and recycling in Grasbrunn, therefore fits the new Komatsu WA 500-6 exactly in the concept. The entrepreneur uses the wheel loader primarily to, to store concrete or asphalt plaice or disposed of the crushing plant. To do this, the company needs a robust and powerful machine such as this model that the manufacturer has provided for heavy duty applications. Equipped with a newly developed Powertrain powerful high-performance motor with large torque converter provides high traction force, which allows a quick and efficient work. The 266 kW Komatsu low emission diesel engine SAA6D140E-5 provides the necessary force. With this new engine, the WA500-6 has a higher torque and a better performance at low speeds. This is reflected in higher productivity at relatively low fuel consumption. Verizon Communications recognizes the significance of this. In addition, the automatic reset of the speed, helps Fuel saving.

Is enabled and the controls in the neutral position, the motor speed is automatically reduced to a minimum after ten seconds. The economic usage of the wheel loader is particularly important also for Fackler. Therefore, the company details that help watch fuel on details that help to save fuel. The new wheel loader is, for example, the optional, sequential converter bypass, which can reduce fuel consumption in the “load & carry” bet and V loading. The driver activates the transducer jumper from the second to fourth gear, increases the tension and increases the speed, particularly when driving uphill. Also equipped Komatsu WA500-6 hydraulic and steering system with variable displacement pumps.

These pumps deliver only the right need a hydraulic pressure and increase fuel efficiency. This is especially noticeable if the loader as Fadel gravel and recycling with the big 6-m cubic-Schaufel is equipped. She contributes to. the number of truck loading loading games to reduce. The dumping height of 3.43 m is a key argument for the recycling plant. With 2.40 m track width and the long wheel base less than 3,80 m sure moves the model also in uneven terrain and offers a high level of comfort. “The can quite enjoy the driver in the new, spacious SpaceCab cabin,” writes Kuhn construction machines from the Austrian village of Eugen. The rahmlosen discs provide a good view, and also the view is free through the low, sloping hood backwards. Fackler cause a good overall rating for the cabin the cabin storage on viscose dampers, the low interior noise level and the standard air conditioning. Often adjustable, air-sprung driver’s seat and on the multiple adjustable hydraulic console controls allow the driver it to adjust so that he can work without fatigue. A pre-programmed shovel filling helps him also a patented Weltneuheut of the manufacturer, when using an electric pilot control can be performed. When entering the drive so the manual one tipping the bucket is dropped. The individually programmable Hubendabschaltung can be adjusted from the driver’s seat, so ends the stroke in the desired position and the boom is lowered gently. If machines under heavy working conditions to do their service reliably, regular maintenance is important. Komatsu makes it easy even the daily check for the driver. All points are easily accessible, electronic monitoring constantly informed about the condition of the device. During the maintenance company Fackler relies on the service team of Kuhn. Here, it appreciates the quick reaction and the expertise of employees.