Answers to questions Kabbalist Michael Laitman Question: How does one become a Kabbalist? What kind of person do? How does it differ from the average person? Kabbalist – a plain man, who in addition to the five senses developed a sixth sense – the soul, the quality of bestowal and love of neighbor. This property, he 'leaves' of perceiving the world, which is to obtain pleasure for himself alone, in view of the world 'outside of itself' – in other returns. He lived in the desires of other people, other minds, and it is a system of Adam ha Rishon. He feels the Creator – a higher power. Identification with the Creator of all souls and makes it a Kabbalist – that he finds his spiritual existence.

But it looks very ordinary person who lives like everyone else. He was forbidden to move away from society. He must be married, to work, a family, serve in the military – all, like an ordinary citizen. But in addition to all he 'sees' in our world that a higher power, which operates and controls our world. Q: Why is the method of Kabbalah – the only way to achieve spiritual peace, and why Kabbalistic books – right? This is one you can not speak. His books have Indians, Chinese, Japanese, all religions: Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and their variants. And everyone will say that his books – the original. Therefore need to rely only on themselves, making sure that is close to you.