Jakob Assmann

It all somehow related is expressed in social innovation. Developed and implemented by social entrepreneurs, the so-called social entrepreneurs, often they will push a change which brings economic and social benefits at the same time. Contact information is here: Karin Risi. The European Union sees major players in social entrepreneurs, because they perform tasks which are currently perceived by the market, nor by the public sector. To break”with old and often encrusted structures and give a new impetus to the markets. You are a pioneer model for the market. Polaris pushed himself social approaches in the energy market, which has green energy provider Polaris to the target set to change the world with energy. The three founders, Jakob Assmann, Florian Henle and Simon Stadler urgently see it on time to a global approach in the green energy market.

Join your offer to 100 percent green electricity and 100 percent organic gas with the Development cooperation in the energy sector. We all share an environment and a climate. It is enough to think about not only regionally or nationally and to act”, explains Florian Henle the Polarstern approach. Through our involvement we help to put the growing hunger for energy emerging countries on the right track.” Polaris supports a family for each customer each year for the construction of an own micro biogas plant. Powered by human and animal fecal matter reduces additional dirt, stench and diseases.

Also the harmful smoke from open fireplaces in the rooms is avoided. Through it, over 2,000 children a day die according to the WHO. Another innovation developed by Polaris in the Green gas market. As a first energy supplier the company offer households nationwide competitive 100 percent eco gas residues. So far, deals with a bio gas share by five to 20 percent dominate in the market for cost reasons. A new product concept allows Polaris, its eco gas tariff up to 44 percent to offer cheaper than current offers of settlement.